Mission: Our mission is to maintain our position of regional leader in production of massive oak panels and to develop our further brand name that will remain synonymus for high quality of end products and reliability in all spheres of the business.

Vision: Through constant technological improvements and upgrades, continuous education of our employees and ongoing work with our customers and partners we plan to always be ahead of the competition and also to further increase the level of wood processing by starting furniture production in near future.

Goals: Constant development and constant innovation in the production process with the goal of increasing the efficiency of our employees and facilities.

Increase of wood processing level in order to accelerate the development of the company and the local environment. We plan to start production of the massive furniture as next and most logical step in our further development.

Environmental protection through investment in equipment that minimizes the emission of dust and other harmful waste into the atmosphere and the environment.

Improvement of living standards of our employees and the local community through continuous increase in income, fulfillment of all obligations towards the state, prioritizing domestic raw materials and products during purchasing process, exports of our products to the EU and other foreign markets , and support to humanitarian and sporting associations.