Quality control

Quality is the most important aspect of our business. Our quality control team performs following quality control steps:

  • Detailed control of raw material. We check and grade every truck load of raw material delivered to our warehouse. Material that does not match our requirements is automatically returned to suppliers.
  • Daily control of drying process. We check all parameters in every drying chamber several times during the day. We also take samples of wood elements from each chamber on weekly basis in order to carefully inspect moisture level in outer an inner layers of elements, cracks, other physical deformation, as well as unusual charges of the color. We take midrate corrective steps whenever we notice unwanted results of our controls.
  • We check moisture level of each element before glueing.
  • We perform detailed testing of glue quality for each IBC of glue, before we use it in our production. We use Japanese testing method.
  • We make drop tests of glued panels 3 times during each shift.
  • We check visual parameters of each panel before packaging searching for deviation in colors, quality sorting and dimensions.
  • Key moto of our company is that QUALITY always matters more the QUANTITY