Our oak pellet is one of the best on the domestic market.We produce it from pure wood waste without bark, glue and additives. The pulp base makes oak sawdust from production facilities, and also a large waste that we turn, with wood crushers and mills into sawdust, which is processed to pellets.The pellets is packed and distributed under NATUR PELET brand name in the 15 kg PE bags, packed on the euro palette in the amount of 990-1200 kg as per customer's request.Pellet samples are regularly tested at the RGH Inspekt Sarajevo Institute and all parameters correspond to the internationally recognized A1 class.

Our pellet has energy value of 19056 kJ that contributes to reduced pellet consumption in cold winter days. The moisture of 2.1% provides an additional fuel mass in the amount of 70-80 kg per ton when compared to other pellets of the average quality. Our annual production capacity is slightly over 3000 tones.