About us

Process d.o.o. Tešanj is involved in processing of hardwood. Our basic products are massive panels made of oak wood and high quality wooden pellet which is being produced from our own waste wood. We use oak wood as our main raw material and we process it with great care with special focus on quality of our products and efficiency of our production.

We have 60 employees and state of the art wood processing machinery. We have 30.000 m2 of land area in total out of which 6000m2 are specialized industrial buildings where we produce more than 150 m3 of massive panels and 300 tons of pellet per month.We have several production facilities including high capacity sawmill, modern trimming and edging lines, drying mills with over 650 m3, massive wood panels production facility, wooden pellets production line and our own internal and logistics department.

The modern automated sawmill cuts boards, which are then stored in specially designed facilities for natural pre-drying.A modern trimming and edging line carefully cuts the naturally dried boards, and assorts the top quality elements, which are being processed in wood drying mills with a total capacity over 650 m3. After the reduction of moisture to 6-8% all elements are transported to facility where we produce finger joint and edge glued panels. We distribute our products to the Western European market through our sales network which makes us fully export-oriented company.f

Energy efficiency is very important to us. We produce our own heat energy from our waste wood which is being used in drying process and heating of the production facilities. We also nurture ecological awareness, so we constantly invest in filter cells, sound insulators and maximum utilization of waste materials.

We also hold an internationally recognized certificates such as ISO 9001:2015 and FSC. In the future our goal is to become the leader in the production of massive panels in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which in addition to quantity, implies leadership in the utilization of wood potentials and efficient production.

Our mission is to become a regional leader in production of massive wood panels and to create a recognizable brand that will be synonymous for high quality and efficiency.

Through constant technological improvements and upgrades, continuous education of our employees and ongoing work with our customers and partners we plan to always be ahead of the competition and also to further increase the level of wood processing in the near future.

Constant development and constant innovation in the production process with the goal of increasing the efficiency of our employees and facilities.

Increase of wood processing level in order to accelerate the development of the company and the local environment. We plan to maximize the utilization of wood as it is very valuable and limited resource.

Environmental protection through investment in equipment that minimizes the emission of dust and other harmful waste into the atmosphere and the environment.

Improvement of living standards of our employees and the local community through continuous increase in income, fulfillment of all obligations towards the state, prioritizing domestic raw materials and products during purchasing process, exports of our products to the EU and other foreign markets , and support to humanitarian and sporting associations.