About Us

Process d.o.o.Tešanj is involved in processing of hardwood. Our basic products are massive panels made of oak wood and high quality wooden pellet which is being produced from our own waste wood. We use oak wood as our main raw material and we process it with great care with special focus on quality of our products and efficiency of our production.


We have 60 employees and state of the art wood processing machinery. We have 30.000 m2 of land area in total out of which 6000m2 are specialized industrial buildings where we produce more than 150 m3 of massive panels and 300 tons of pellet per month.

We produce 450 to 500 m2 of panels on a monthly basis. The panels are in dimensions of 900 x 180 x 25 mm with cut-out canal on all four sides. We also supply assembly kits and interconnection.The oak elements are glued on a plywood, thickness of 9 mm or 10 mm.